• LOVING IT! SO COMFY! I especially love that it doesn't smell like chemicals. It's perfect. Making all the difference in a better night's sleep.

    Ambar Espinoza

  • Extremely comfortable, packaged well for shipping, firm without being hard and cushy without making you feel stuck - really the perfect medium firmness as advertised.


  • We find these mattresses extremely comfortable and have several of them. Excellent value, non-toxic mattress.

    Katie Urban

  • We bought a second one because the first one was so amazing. It has a nice firmness and we love the clean smell--no chemicals--which was the reason we chose it in the first place. I move a fair amount during the night and this mattress absorbs the motion completely so my husband has no awareness of it. We sleep so much better on it than on a conventional bed.

    Suzanne H.

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