Cozy Nest Mattress - Micro-Coil - Organic Cotton -Wool Medium Firm

Manufactured by The Futon Shop


Natural Materials

Mattress Life Span

Made In San Francisco

natural cozy nest mattress

Cozy Nest Mattress

Our CozyNest Comfort Mattress keeps you cozy and comfortable with its natural components. Experience a layer of organic cotton for extra softness, as well as wool to provide temperature control and comfortability that will last for years! The mattress core is made up of 733 4” Micro Coils which offer motion isolation from side to side without affecting springs adjacent-- ensuring your body stays in its most natural posture throughout the night. Enjoy ultimate relief knowing this completely organic option utilizes no pesticides or harsh chemicals that are often found in conventional mattresses on the market today.

The CozyNest Comfort Mattress is also offered in a completely organic mattress option see our Organic CozyNest 

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Virgin Wool

USDA Organic Cotton

Micro Coils

Best Mattress For You And Your Family

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