Merlin - Soft Foam Futon Cushion

Cheap Foam Mattress

Our Merlin Futon Mattress provides the perfect balance of comfort and affordability. It’s designed with sustainable, recycled materials like soy bean oil that reduce harm to our environment without sacrificing quality — plus it's machine tufted with between 50-70 tufts for superior softness and luxurious feel. And if you're looking for an even more cozy experience then cotton is your best bet; its gentle fibers won't irritate skin so you can rest easy knowing every time you lay down on this mattress will be a delightfully comfortable one!

Comfortable Cheap Foam Bed

  • Ideal Fit For Those Seeking Pressure Relief
  • 8-inch Medium Firm Cotton Futon or Bed Mattress
  • Good Occasional Use Futon Mattress For Guest Beds
  • 6-10 Year Life Expectancy With Occasional Use
  • Features Fire Retardant Free Soy Base Foam

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