Vegan TranquilNest Mattress - Micro-Coil - PLA Medium Firm

Manufactured by The Futon Shop


Natural Materials

Mattress Life Span

Made In San Francisco

HONEST SLEEP MATTRESS COLLECTION MADE WITH NATURAL AND ORGANIC MATERIALS - Breathable, cozy and naturally lightweight, our micro coil TranquilNest mattress offers the perfect blend of natural comfort and support.

Ingredient: 4-inch Micro Coils, 12-20 lbs of PLA Fiber Depending on Size

Get a restful, regenerative sleep with the HONEST SLEEP Mattress Collection. This natural and organic mattress is composed of layers for breathable comfort: 12-20 lbs of soft PLA fiber forms the top layer to create an even weight distribution; 733 4" Micro Coils respond only to direct pressure from your body as you move during your slumber - providing motion isolation so that each side remains undisturbed by their partner's movements. Experience luxurious support like never before!

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