Natural Wooly Pillow

ORGANIC COTTON PILLOW CASE & NATURAL WOOL FILLING PILLOW - Sleep in comfort knowing your natural bed pillow is soft, natural and comfortable. Available in Soft, Medium or Firm.

Enjoy a good night's sleep in ultimate luxury with an organic cotton pillow case and natural wool filling! Our pillows are perfect for all types of comfort levels, from soft to firm. Get ready to cuddle up in the most comfortable bedding ever created-- naturally!

  • Standard pillow 20 x 26
  • Queen Pillow 20 x 30
  • King Pillow 20 x 36
  • Travel Pillow 12 x 16
  • Body Pillow 17 x 53
  • Mini Body Pillow 9 X 42
  • Side Sleeper Pillow 27 x 27 x 13.75


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