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Unwind in style with a GOTS organic cotton-filled yoga and pilates mat. Its luxuriously soft yet firm cushions support your body for comfortable stretching during workouts, while its removable cover offers protection from everyday dirt build up. Ready to use whenever you need it, the pre-rolled design is also easy to store away - just roll up and tie!

Yoga Stretching Mat with removable cover, filled with cotton

Relax on this extra thick stretching mat, filled with GOTS organic cotton. Choose from 4 different washer and dryer friendly fabrics bamboo - soft and silky, aloe vera infued - smooth and soothing, organic cotton - soft and natural, copper infused - thermal and anti-microbial properties

• Yoga Stretching Mat with removable cover

• Inside is GOTS Certified organic cotton barrier fabric

• Choice of cover - Aloe vera - Bamboo - Organic Cotton - Copper

• Cover is removable & washable

• 24 lbs of organic cotton

• Dimension: 39"x71"x2"

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