Calm Nest Mattress - MicroCoils, Latex, Wool Medium Firm

Manufactured by The Futon Shop


Natural Materials

Mattress Life Span

Made In San Francisco

Calm nest mattress description

Calm Nest Mattress

HONEST SLEEP MATTRESS COLLECTION MADE WITH NATURAL AND ORGANIC MATERIALS - Pure and simply the best no flip sleep experience, enjoy the calming comfort of The Calm Nest.

Ingredient: 2 inches of 100% Natural Dunlop Latex,  24-40 lbs of USDA Certified Organic Cotton Depending on Size, 24-40 lbs of Natural Wool Depending on Size, Available with a Organic Cotton 7 oz. Twill or a Organic Cotton 12 oz. Jacquard Cover

Get ready for the most restful sleep of your life with The Calm Nest's Honest Sleep Mattress Collection. Crafted from natural and organic materials, this pure natural latex mattress offers incredible comfort with a combination of 2-inch layers of 100% chemical free Dunlop Latex, 733 4” micro coils topped off by 14 to 32 lbs. all American grown virgin wool – no flipping necessary! Experience calming joy each night as you drift off into dreamland atop this luxurious nest filled with nature's finest ingredients.

Struggling with finding the right mattress? The CalmNest Natural Latex Mattress offers a perfect combination of comfort and support that works best for back sleepers or side sleepers. Its micro coils provide maximum conforming, while its latex core provides necessary supportive cushioning - ideal for those who like to sink in just slightly when they lay down. Plus, an added wool layer helps relieve heat from your body so you can enjoy deeper sleeps throughout the night! Experience unparalleled quality today by investing in this one-of-a kind popular mattress.


Virgin Wool

Natural Dunlop Latex

Micro Coils

Best Mattress For You And Your Family

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