NBJ No Arm Modular Loveseat

NBJ No Arm Modular Loveseat

Get creative and individualize your seating with NBJ modular – designed with 100% natural materials like organic cotton, wool, and linen. With no petrochemicals or fire retardants in sight you can be sure to enjoy a safe, comfortable seating experience without compromising on style!


- 100% natural Dunlop Latex for a healthy and comfortable sitting experience

- 2 inch coconut coir base for durability and stability

- 6 inches of thickness for luxurious comfort


-The sofa is made of a single piece of furniture

-It is easy to assemble and disassemble

-It is wrapped in 100% wool

-It is comfortable and stylish


-Sustainability: the latex and wool are both sustainable materials

-Customization: the sofa can be customized to fit any space

-Versatility: the sofa can be used as both a couch and a chaise sofa

-Design: the sofa is designed for modern, minimalist spaces


-A statement piece for any modern space

-Low profile and sleek design

-Comfortable and natural materials

-Available in a variety of colors

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