Roma Mid-century Modern Sofa

Roma Mid-century Modern Sofa

The Roma Mid-century collection introduces timeless chic to your living space with its comfortable and plush look. Featuring straight arms, nestled cushions, a tufted back, and luxuriously upholstered in recycled polyester velvet - this piece is perfect for any home. Natural Latex & wool seat bench cushioning allows you optimal medium-firm support as well! Plus it's eco friendly: no glues or fire retardants of any kind used during manufacturing so you can feel good about supporting sustainable furniture practices.


- Choose from 5 luxurious fabrics.

- Cotton is soft and breathable.

- Wool is warm and durable.

- Linen hemp is environmentally friendly and sturdy.

- Leather is luxurious and long lasting.


• Total length 89 inch

• Legs 61/2 inches, Arms 4 inches each thick

• Seat 24 inch x 80 inch

• Floor to top of seat cushion 18 1/2 inches

• Back floor to top of back 29 inches

• Back floor to top of back without legs 22.5 inches

• Front to back 341/2 inches

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