Victoria Organic Sofa

Victoria Organic Wool and Latex Sofa

Enjoy Comfort & Quality with the Victoria Organic Wool & Latex Sofa

Soft, Luxurious Comfort

The Victoria Organic Wool & Latex Sofa is perfect for those looking for a luxurious and comfortable seating option for their home. The sofa is crafted with a combination of organic wool and natural latex, providing a soft and supportive feel. The natural fibers provide optimal temperature control and breathability, so you can stay comfortable no matter what the temperature is.

High Quality Construction

The Victoria Organic Wool & Latex Sofa is made with the highest quality materials, ensuring a long-lasting and durable design. It's constructed with only the best natural fibers, free of petrochemicals and fire retardants. This makes the sofa a healthier choice for your home, providing superior comfort and quality for years to come.

Versatile & Stylish Design

The Victoria Organic Wool & Latex Sofa is designed to fit into any room or space. It features a timeless and classic design that will complement any decor. It also comes in a variety of colors and finishes, so you can find the perfect look to suit your style. With the Victoria Organic Wool & Latex Sofa, you'll enjoy the perfect combination of comfort, quality, and style.

100% Natural - No Petro Chemicals - No Fire Retardants

    • 100% petro chemical free
    • 100% Chemical Flame Retardant Free
    • Choose from over 1000 fabrics
    • Modern micro pocket coils
    • Coconut coir
    • Latex core
    • Natural Wool
    • Lifetime Warranty
    • Full Double: 82"L x 43"D x 37.5"H
    • Full Love Seat: 60"L x 43"D x 37.5"H


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